"Not everything that is faced can be changed;
but nothing can be changed until it
is faced."

~ James Baldwin ~




Whether you think you can; or
whether you think you can't;
you're right"

~ Henry Ford ~



is what you're capable of doing.
determines what you do.
determines how well you do it."

~ Lou Holtz ~


"Health is a
large word.
It embraces not
the body only,
but the
mind and spirit
as well;
... and not
today's pain or
pleasure alone,
but the
whole being
and outlook
of a man."

~ James H. West ~




"You must begin
to think of yourself
as becoming
the person
you want to be."

~ David Viscott ~





and I may forget;
and I may remember;
and I will learn."

~ Ben Franklin ~




"Everything in life gets better
when you
get better;
and nothing is ever going to
get better until
you get better."

~ Larry Winget ~



"Not everything that is faced can be changed;
but nothing can be changed until it
is faced." 

~ James Baldwin ~




"The first rule of FOCUS is...

Wherever you are; be there." 

~ unknown ~





Here are "Health Tips" as presented by Dr. Leah on the Chat With Women radio show which broadcast on local radio stations in Seattle, WA.   Click on a Health Tip to read an excerpt of the tip.  An audio clip of the Health Tip recorded as presented by Dr. Leah on the radio show is also available.

 At First Sign of feeling sick -- a couple simple things to do for yourself 

 Formula for Change -- Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

 Cold and Flu season -- importance of immune system support 

 Red Wine -- What are the benefits of drinking red wine and what are the risks

 Adrenal Health & Exercise -- Morning is best time to exercise to boost cordisol 

 Canker Sores (Aphthous ulcers)-- What causes them and how to treat 

 Dental Health -- healthy teeth, healthy gums...avoid bacteria harmful to heart and health

 Ear Infections in kids -- tips to decrease ear infections in your kids and grandkids 

 Contrast Hydrotherapy -- a stimulating change to how you end your shower

 Sunscreen -- avoid sunscreen with retinyl palmitate

 Eye Health -- nutrients that are good for the eyes 

 Bone Health -- start young to keep bones strong 

 Thryroid hormone & Mineral supplements -- important to take at different times 

 Snoring & Sleep Apnea -- common cause of fatigue 

 Constipation -- a well-known mineral to help with the pain of constipation 

 Vitamin D supplements in sunny weather -- Don't be fooled by sunny weather. 

 Sleep & Diabetes -- research has linked too little sleep with increased risk of diabetes

 Menopause & Breast Health -- very important time to be aware of breast health

 Digestion -- good digestion is essential for good health 

 Hashimoto's thyroiditis -- autoimmune disease which causes low thyroid problems 

 Eat like a King in the morning -- but like a Prince at noon and a Pauper at night 

 Spring Cleaning -- now is a great time to cleanse your body of toxins 

 Allergies Testing -- a simple blood allergen test can reveal the root of many problems

 Allergies -- a great herb to help decrease histamine release in body 

 Memory Health -- various things we can do daily to maintain healthy memory

 Soy -- benefits of soy in fighting cancer and other health areas 

 Anti-Inflammatory herbs that help with cancer prevention

 Detox  & Massage -- Help your body detox with massage therapy 

 Detox -- some things to consider if you are thinking of doing a detox 

 New Year's Resolutions -- Don't make one this year.  Instead...try this.

 Dry Skin -- tips to treat dry skin eczema...it takes more than just lotion 

 Sambucus (Elderberry) -- herbal immune aid to fight the flu virus

 Probiotics -- "good" bacteria to aid digestion for healthy digestive tract and healthy you

Sugar Avoidance -- keep immune system healthy to avoid getting sick

 Vitamin D & the Flu -- an inexpensive yet vital vitamin to boost your immune system

Vitamin K -- an important...yet often overlooked...essential vitamin

 Cardiovascular Health -- inflammatory markers to check for preventative care

Myths & Truths -- many beliefs about health are unfounded

 Aches & Pains? -- natural anti-inflammatories to help ease aches and pains  

Flu Season - Kids -- tips to prepare and endure flu season for your kids  

 Flu Season -- strengthen your immune system with Vitamin D and herbs  

Circulation -- herbs and vitamins to improve the circulation of blood in your body  

 Probiotics -- good bacteria to aid digestion and keep your gut healthy  

Dental Health -- healthy teeth & good dental hygiene helps keep your body healthy  

 Breathing -- simple breathing exercises can reduce stress and help you relax

Leg Cramps -- ease the pain with these simple remedies

 Dehydration -- Are you drinking enough water?  

Heartburn -- ways to ease the burn

 Prostate Health -- A simple PSA test is a great way to screen for prostate problems 

Zinc -- Why is it essential for good health.  Do you get enough?  

 Fiber -- Do you get enough?  Why is it good for you?

Flu Virus Awareness -- keep your immune system healthy to fight the virus

 Vitamin C -- importance and benefits of Vitamin C sufficiency  

Selenium -- recommended dosage and benefits of selenium

 Magnesium -- necessity of sufficient levels in body

Multi-vitamins -- necessity of taking a good multi-vitamin daily  

 Electrolytes -- the importance of electrolytes  

Detox & Cleansing -- do some Spring cleaning for better health

 Heart Health -- be good to your heart so it can be good for you

Memory Problems -- don't put off treatment until it's too late

 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs -- natural anti-inflammatory herbs to use in your diet

Cinnamon -- health benefits of adding a little spice to your diet

 Vitamin D for kids -- boost your child's immune system

Exercise Soreness -- tips to ease the pains and soreness after exercising

 Holiday Dining Tips -- prepare the food and yourself properly

Apple Cider Vinegar -- benefits of use in diet

 Flu Shots -- Information you should know

Lung Health -- an important part of our immune system

 Anxiety -- An all too common and troubling problem

Gluten Sensitivity -- underlying cause of many health problems

 Immune System & GALT -- Why a healthy digestion system is so important  

Dark Chocolate -- 70% or higher cocoa content  

 Stevia -- What is it?  What are its uses?  Why use it? 

Sucralose (Splenda) -- What is it?  Why is it a health concern?  

 Aspartame (NutraSweet & Equal) -- What is it?  Why is it a health concern? 

High Fructose Corn Syrup -- What is it?  Why is it a health concern?

 Iodine -- Importance for healthy breasts and thyroid 

Breast Exams & Paps -- importance of periodic preventative checkups

 High Fiber Foods -- filling, nutritious and they may help you lose weight 

Eat foods rich in Vitamin C -- Essential vitamin for good health 

 Nutrition for Breast Health -- Nutrition ideas to decrease cancer risk

Brain Health -- Reduce aluminum exposure 

 Skin Brushing

Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails

 Liver Health -- Foods to help keep your liver healthy  

The Importance of Breakfast -- Start each day with a healthy breakfast 

 PMS -- cruciferous foods to cleanse hormones from liver

High Blood Pressure -- Natural remedies to lower blood pressure

 Cholesterol -- we need it...but not too much of it  

Your Beautiful Skin -- Estrogen and your skin

 Sources of Calcium -- foods and supplements

Osteoporosis -- solutions for stronger bones 

Heart Health in Menopause -- physical & emotional support 

Menopause -- solutions for typical problems

Thyroid problems -- a factor in many health conditions

Sleep...it does the body good

Stress -- support for your body in times of stress

Carbohydrates -- simple & complex

Blood Sugar -- keep things balanced 

Headaches & Dehydration -- important to drink plenty of water  

Get a Good Night's Sleep  

Halloween Sweets -- tricked by the treats  

PMS -- solutions for typical problems

Ready yourself for the coming flu and cold season  

Low HCL Impaired Digestion Weakened Immune System  

Back to School...Back to Germs  

Eat Like a King in the Morning...then a Pauper at Night 

Enhance Digestion Beware the fluids and fruits  

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