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Flu Season - strengthen your immune system with Vitamin D and immune support herbs

"School starts next week.  Are you ready for this year's flu season?  Not only are we going to have the 'regular' flu and cold season this year but we also have the Swine Flu (H1N1) virus that will be circulating as well.  A double whammy.

How healthy is your immune system?  Do you have a tendency to have respiratory problems or sinus problems or asthma?  If so, you want to protect yourself even more than usual. The flu virus has an affinity for the respiratory system.  So if you have a weakness there you need to be more careful of your exposure.

Here's my suggestions:

1. Take your Vitamin D!  I mention this all the time but I can't stress it enough during flu season. 

First of all, have your blood tested with a lab test called 25 OH Vitamin D. This will determine the amount of Vitamin D in your body.  Given the test results, the appropriate amount of supplement required to boost your Vitamin D level can be prescribed. 

The reference range at most labs is 33-100.  However levels below 50 have not shown anything beneficial in regards to the immune system.  During the coming flu season, it would be good to have your Vitamin D level around 80.  So boost those levels.

2. Take a good multi-vitamin.  The product you take should contain more than 100% of the RDA in the vitamin levels. This will ensure that you are getting enough since your body won't absorb 100% of the vitamin.

3.  Have some immune support herbs on hand like Astragulus, Cordyceps, Goldenseal, and Echinacea.  Note, however, that Echinacea by itself is insufficient.  It should be taken in conjunction with other support herbs.

4. Take your Vitamin C.

5. Get plenty of good rest/sleep.

6. Drink plenty of water.

7. Wash your hands!!

For Vitamin D and other testing come on in and I will look at your adrenal function and other tests to determine your immune status.

Be prepared to Stay Well !!" 


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