"Nature is doing her best each moment to make
us well.

She exists for no other end. 

Do not resist. 

With the least inclination to be well...we should
not be sick."

~Henry David Thoreau~


"Time and health
are two
precious assets
that we don't
recognize and appreciate
until they have
been depleted."

~ Denis Waitley ~




Dr. Leah has been featured on the radio show "Chat With Women",  a local talk show in the Seattle, WA area.  Below is a collection of audio clips from previous shows
as recorded during the radio program.


"Natural Health Advice" -- Audio recordings of Dr. Leah's radio shows 


~ Meet Dr. Leah ~
Inaugural Show

~ Fatigue ~
Are You Tired of Being Tired?

~ Stay Healthy During
Cold & Flu Season ~

~ Digestive Health ~
Between the In's & Out's

~ Blood Sugar Blues ~
Hypoglycemia & Diabetes

~ Menopause &
Bioidentical Hormones

~ Osteoporosis ~
What is it ... How to fight it

~ Nutrients for
a Healthy Heart ~

~ Hormones ~
What they are...What they do

~ Brain Health ~
Nutrients for a healthy brain

~ Liver Health ~
Importance of a healthy liver

~ Immune System ~
Your body's self defense

~ Depression ~
Natural remedies for depression

~ Digestive Disorders ~
Heed the symptoms

~ Flu & Cold Season ~
Tips to stay healthy

~ Headaches ~
Remedies for headaches

~ Pediatric Care ~
Naturopathic care for your child

~ Stress Management ~
Ways to calm the angst

~ Weight Loss ~
Natural health tips

~ Thyroid Health ~
Natural thyroid treatment

~ Allergies ~
Natural Allergy Treatments

~ Cholesterol ~
Myths and Truths

~ Alzheimer's Disease ~
Preventative measures

~ Blood Testing ~
Understanding blood tests

~ Peri-Menopause ~
Understanding it & Treating it

~ The Flu ~
It's flu season.  Info you need

~ Peri-Menopause ~
Discuss various symptoms

~ Heart Health ~
Keep your heart strong

~ Cleansing Detox ~
Things to do and not to do

~ Cancer in Women ~
Types & preventions

~ Sleep Problems ~
Tips for a good night's sleep

~ Children's Health ~
Common childhood ailments

Information about...
 Autoimmune Diseases

The Powers & Benefits of

~ Anemia ~
Causes, Symptoms, Remedies

~ Health Chat ~
Dr. Leah addresses
questions from listeners

~Metabolic Cardiology~
Heart health at the cellular level

~Principles for Change~
Getting where you want to be
  "Health Tips" by Dr. Leah  

  Click here for a listing of Dr. Leah's Health Tips as presented on the Chat With Women show.


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