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"Not everything that is faced can be changed;
but nothing can be changed until it
is faced." 

~ James Baldwin ~



The selected Health Tip is summarized below.  An audio clip of the tip as presented by Dr. Leah on the Chat With Women radio show is available at the end of the tip.

Probiotics  - good bacteria to keep your gut healthy

"This week's health tip is about those little bacteria in your intestines that help keep your gut in balance.

We all have bacteria in our intestines. Most of it is good but sometimes it can get out of balance and you get other bacteria that gets built up and then you get sick. How do you keep the good bacteria in balance?  The answer...Probiotics.

These are the 'good' bacteria that populate your entire digestive tract and help to keep it in balance, stimulate your immune system, and help you digest food. The most common form is Lactobacillus Acidophilus. There is also Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidus and others. This friendly bacteria help to keep the PH of your gut in check so you don't get too much over growth of yeast, or other bacteria.

You can get these things in yogurt and mild products but I never find that to be enough. I usually recommend patients to pick some up at PCC or Whole foods in the refrigerated section of the store. You don't need to take them everyday unless you have diarrhea or constipation or other digestive problems.

Here's a fact:  We have more bacteria in our gut and on our skin then we do cells in our body. So keep your gut happy and your life will be good!" 


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