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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~



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Immune System & GALT - Why a healthy digestion system is so important

"Did you know that 70% of your immune system cells are made in your intestines? 

There is a tissue is your intestines called GALT or Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue.  This tissue is very important for making different cells for your immune system to fight off invaders.  Keeping our gut healthy is very important for this tissue to function and for your immune system. 

I know our intestines aren't that exciting to talk about but it is vitally important for our health.  Daily bowel movements are a must to keep our bodies in balance and this is just the tip of the iceberg in discussing our health. 

When I work with patients I make sure that their digestion is in good health so that the supplements or vitamins I give them will work properly.

Later this month I will be doing a show on digestive health so listen in on Wednesday September 17th at 8:00am."


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