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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~


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Vitamin D supplements in sunny weather  -- Don't be fooled by sunny weather

Don�t slack off on your Vitamin D when the weather gets sunny.

A lot of people think that as the weather gets sunnier and warmer they don�t need to take their Vitamin D.  Wrong!!  Our levels get so low in the winter and we use up Vitamin D all the time that our stores of the vitamin don�t last very long.  Even if you go on a trip to a sunny location for a week or two it will not raise your vitamin D levels up that much for very long.

The reference range on blood tests for Vitamin D was 33 to 100 for a long time.  But recently the range was changed to be 50 to 150!  This is due to the fact that levels less than 50 has been found to be too low and unbeneficial for good health.  The upper level was increased to 150 due to proven benefits of Vitamin D.

So don't worry about getting too much Vitamin D.  And don�t be fooled by sunny skies.  Keep taking your vitamin D all summer long to build up your stores for the winter.


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