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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~


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Menopause & Breast Health  -- very important time to be aware of breast health

Are you going through perimenopause or are in menopause?  This is a very important time to take care and be aware of your breast health.  

With all the hormone changes going on in your body it�s important to get all three of your estrogens, your testosterone and progesterone checked.  IF the estrogen to progesterone ratios are off and there is too much Estrone you may be at an increase risk for breast cancer.

All women are going to go through menopause so making sure you are going through this time in balance and with the right nutrients in your body is very helpful.

Vitamin D, iodine, cruciferous vegetables, flax lignans are some of the many different important nutrients for the health of your breasts.

Many women get diagnosed with breast cancer or have changes in their breasts that are found on a mammogram or ultra sound.  When you get a mammogram, it is a good idea to also get an ultrasound during the same visit so as to double check anything seen in the mammogram or to see anything that the mammogram didn�t pick up.   

Take of those girls!!!


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