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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~



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Iodine - Importance for healthy breasts and thyroid

"Are you taking thyroid medicine? 

Are you at an increased risk for breast cancer? 

Answering yes to one or both of these questions increases your need for Iodine.

When the thyroid is low and you need medication to keep it functioning properly you will benefit by taking Iodine. 

The thyroid hormone is made up of 4 iodine molecules.  When your body is deficient in iodine you cannot make thyroid hormone efficiently.  The thyroid is one of the main organs that uses Iodine. 

The breasts are another area of the body that use a lot of Iodine. 

The area around the Great Lakes is an Iodine-deficient area of the United States.  The breast cancer rates are higher there than other parts of the US.  In Japan, where women get 200 times the Iodine daily than we do, the breast cancer rate is much lower than anywhere in the US. 

By taking iodine daily you will decrease your risk of developing breast cancer and having thyroid problems. 

The RDA for Iodine is 150mcg.  Very low by my standards.  I give people 3-5mg daily and sometimes 12-15mg daily!  It depends on how low their levels are to begin with."


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