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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~



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Anti-Inflammatory herbs that help in cancer prevention

I thought I�d mention some good anti-inflammatory foods and herbs that can also help with digestion and prevent cancer.

Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory food that is also good to help digestion and get rid of nausea. It also has some anti-cancer properties.  You can get 'candied ginger' which is dried ginger with a little sugar on it or you can get it pickled like you would find when you eat sushi or you can buy fresh ginger and cut it, boil it in water and drink like a tea.

Turmeric is an EXCELLENT herb for decreasing inflammation in the body and preventing cancer.  It�s also called curcumin and can be found in capsule form, as a standardized extract or in curry.  If you have just straight Turmeric in your spice cabinet, take 1/2 �1 tsp a day to help decrease inflammation in your body.  

Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory substance that is found in pineapple.  Eating pineapple will help with the digestion of the food in your stomach.  Bromelain is also found in capsule form and can be taken in between meals to decrease inflammation.

Boswellya is also called frankincense and is a strong anti-inflammatory for joint pain.  It can be used for muscle pain too.  This is found in capsule form and is commonly mixed with other anti-inflammatory herbs for a stronger effect.

If you have some pain and inflammation give some of the natural remedies a try before you take Advil or Tylenol.


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