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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~




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 Skin Brushing

"I recently had a patient say to me, "You've talked about skin health but can you explain more about skin brushing?"   

I have mentioned skin brushing briefly in previous health tips, but it is time for a more thorough explanation. 

Dry skin brushing is done before you get into the shower.  It is a good technique to stimulate your circulation and get off all the dead skin.  You want to do this when your skin is dry because the dead skin comes off easier and then you can wash off in the shower.  Skin brushing also brings blood to the surface of the skin which helps to rid the skin of toxins faster. 

Start by brushing your arms and legs.  Brush inward with circular strokes or strokes toward the body.  This helps the lymph in the arms and legs to be taken back toward the body.

Finish with your back and stomach/chest.  I have a very soft brush for my face.  You will want to start with light strokes and then as your skin gets used to it you can use firmer strokes.

Brushing the skin really helps soften the skin and keeps it healthy.  Do it every day before you shower for the best results."


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