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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~



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Flu Virus Awareness - keep your immune system healthy to fight the virus

"With the Swine Flu concerning everyone it is essential to keep your immune system, especially your respiratory system, healthy.

1. Wash hands frequently -- this is easy.

2. If someone in your family or a neighbor has recently traveled to Mexico quarantine yourself for a couple days after getting back to make sure that you will not get sick. The airport is going to be a major place to get exposed and it takes about 24-48 hours to show symptoms after getting exposed.

3. Take some immune boosting herbs, like goldenseal, astragulus, echinacea and many others, to help keep your immune system strong even if you are not sick.

4. Take your Vitamin D!!!  I can't stress this enough because everyone is deficient and Vitamin D is a great supporter of the immune system.

5. Don't over use anti-bacterial hand soap or sanitizer as this will make the good bacteria on your skin resistant to antibiotics and it will be more difficult to get rid of a skin infection.

6. Exercise more because this will boost your immune system.

7. Give your kids Vitamin D and good multi vitamin to keep them healthy.

8. Most of all cover your coughs, sneezes and wash hands!!" 


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