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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~



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Dark Chocolate - 70% or higher cocoa content 

"Here's a health tip that's kind of Fun!!

Eat dark chocolate!! 

Let's be real here.  Most of us love chocolate.  So if you really want to enjoy some good dark chocolate that has 70% or higher cocoa content. 

At this level of cocoa it is considered health food!  Why? Because it is very high in antioxidants which will help keep you healthy by decreasing the number of free radicals in your body.  Free radicals can damage your cells and lead to faster aging of skin and organs in your body.

I read that eating 2 ounces of dark chocolate (70% or higher) a day is considered healthy!!  Remember though...Just because I say it's alright to eat dark chocolate doesn't mean that you can eat a lot...especially if you have blood sugar problems.  There are some good organic dark chocolates that use beet sugar which absorbs slower in the body.  However you still need to be careful.  Also dark chocolate has caffeine so you might not want to eat it at night.



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