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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~



The selected Health Tip is summarized below.  An audio clip of the tip as presented by Dr. Leah on the Chat With Women radio show is available at the end of the tip.

Breathing - simple breathing exercises can reduce stress and help you relax

"Do you find your self being concerned about a lot of things going on in your life? Are you generally stressed out?

Deep breathing is a great way to lower your stress hormones and relax.  Meditation, yoga and exercise are all great ways to increase your breath and decrease your stress.

How about just doing several slow deep breaths in and out?  Studies have shown that slow, controlled deep breaths in and out can help decrease blood pressure, decrease anxiety and help you think clearer.

By taking a slow, deep breath in as much as you can...then holding it for a couple of seconds...then breathing out slowly and holding it for a few seconds you can accomplish a lot of relaxation in your nervous system.

Try this type of breathing for 3-5 breaths. Remember to do this slowly so you do not hyperventilate. When faced with a stressful situation, anger or frustration try doing some deep breathing first and then re-assess your feelings." 


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