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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~


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Detox & Cleansing - do some Spring cleaning for better health 

"I have been hearing many people talk about wanting to do a detox/cleanse soon. 

I feel that we should clean out our systems throughout the year but winter isn't the best time to do a concerted, thorough cleanse.  The cold and darkness is not the best time to start a cleanse because it's cold and flu season; and when you detox you make your immune system a bit more vulnerable to getting sick. 

Spring time is a great time to do liver and colon cleanses.  It's also a great time to shed the pounds of winter. 

The liver is a great organ to cleanse because it filters everything that we eat and the hormones that our body makes.  Think of the liver like the oil filter of your car.  It's important for it to be 'clean' to be able to work properly. 

Beets, artichokes, and lemons are my favorite foods to help clean the liver.  Liver enzyme testing on blood doesn't tell me if you need to do a liver cleanse because it's just looking at the tissue health of the liver...not the detoxification enzymes of the liver.      

Next week I will talk about weight loss and how doing a detox can help you lose weight and how juicing vegetables is an excellent way to cleanse your body." 


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