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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~


The selected Health Tip is summarized below.  An audio clip of the tip as presented by Dr. Leah on the Chat With Women radio show is available at the end of the tip.

Dehydration - Are you drinking enough water?

"How much water are you drinking?  A large percentage of people aren't drinking enough water daily and are having problems because of it.

For example, the number one cause of headaches is dehydration. Constipation is also a problem when you don't drink enough.  Fatigue, dry skin, digestive problems are a few other problems that can occur with insufficient intake of water.

So how much water should you have?  The answer is -- About a third of your body weight in ounces of water. Then for each hour you work out and for each soda or coffee you drink you need another 8 ounces on top of that.

If you weight 150 pounds, for example, you will need at least 50 ounces of water a day then an extra 8 ounces for any coffee, soda or working out.

Sound like a lot?  That's probably because you haven't been drinking enough!! 

Want to do a cleanse?  Start by drinking more water!!" 


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