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"Life is not merely to be alive;
but to be well." 

~ Marcus Martial ~



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Holiday Dining Tips - prepare the food and yourself properly 

"Be aware that Thanksgiving is one of the number one food poisoning holidays!! 

Handling the raw turkey and then handling vegetables that are to be eaten raw can cause salmonella poisoning.  So wash your hands and food prep areas in between fixing the turkey and making other food.  Also a lot of dips and other refrigerated foods are out longer than usual and this is another culprit of food poisoning.

Make sure you don't starve yourself prior to partaking in the holiday feast.  This will result in over eating and also blood sugar imbalances.  Have a big breakfast and then snack throughout the day to help keep your blood sugar more stable.  When you do eat turkey dinner you will more than likely over eat but you won't feel like eating as much because you have eaten throughout the day.  Don't worry...there will be lots of leftovers!!

Most of all give thanks for your health and for being here today." 

"Yesterday is history...Tomorrow is a mystery...but today is a gift. 
That is why it's called 'the present'." 

Happy Thanksgiving.


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