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Wendy Lynne
Master Life Coach

Contact Wendy directly at 425.691.8402
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As a Master Life Coach,  I can help you break through what ever is holding you back in your career, relationships or loving your body.

I believe you will never be the person you were meant to be, if you hold on to the beliefs you are not being good enough, smart enough, successful enough…the list could go on and on.

Everyone has things they don't like and want to change.

But sometimes all your good intentions and affirmations will not be enough to get you out of a stressful situation, a difficult relationship or a stubborn habit.

As a fit food coach, I help you end your internal struggle with food/dieting forever, by utilizing my unique "stop emotional eating" process and weight loss program using cognitive behavior therapy, so you get back to enjoying food again and feeling good being in your body.

As a business and career coach, we'll clarify what you truly want your life and career to be like and then figure out what changes are necessary to make that happen.  From there we'll map clear, manageable steps towards achieving your goals.

In my relationship coaching I help men and women understand the differences in the way the opposite sex thinks and communicates. You'll learn how to inspire your partner/spouse to want to make you happy and to look forward to spending time with you. You'll become skilled in asking and getting what you want in your relationship, so you feel loved and understood.  Then naturally you feel love, cared for, and most importantly believed in.  This gives you a huge advantage to accomplish anything in life.

Ready to get some clarity?  Click here to schedule a complementary 60-minute clarity session to see what is holding you back and figuring out next steps.


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