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Dr. Kim Trager

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 Or email her at: drkim@drkimtrager.com


Dr. Trager's patients call her the “Sherlock Holmes” of body mechanics. She is a specialist in complex structural and pain cases that have baffled other doctors and practitioners. Dr. Trager has advanced certification in many treatment disciplines including: Applied Kinesiology, Activator Method and Orofacial Myotherapy (she is called the “Jaw Whisperer” for her superior work with jaw related issues).

Dr. Trager has created an innovative technique that removes the structural, emotional and energetic blocks in the body (Issues in the Tissues) so that each patient can achieve their maximum health potential.

In keeping with her love of being a yoga instructor, Dr. Kim created “Adaptive Yoga" to make yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of their limitations.

Dr. Kim will be opening her practice at Ohana Wellness Center on Mondays in January, 2022.

You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim: https://calendly.com/drkimtrager/60-minute-appointment

or email: drkim@drkimtrager.com


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