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Candace Lawrence, Ms.Ed, MSOM
Master Wellness Coach
Certified Keto Coach

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or email her at: candace@candacealawrence.com

Candace is a Wellness Coach, who specializes in creating food plans for reducing fatigue, clearing brain fog and weight management. She helps people transform the quality of their health through food. Her ability to translate complex health issues into easy-to-understand ideas has made her a popular health consultant, speaker and friend. Her years of experience in Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui consultant, amateur chef and mom give her a deep understanding of how to approach any situation with humor and a fresh perspective.

She is also certified Keto Coach and has created an allergy desensitization protocol: ADT (allergy desensitization technique) which uses acupressure points with Applied Kinesiology to ease food and environmental allergy symptoms.

In her spare time Candace experiments with new recipes, dines out whenever possible and is an avid hiker. She has published several non-fiction books and cookbooks.

Candace will be in the office on Thursdays.

If you would like to schedule a free strategy session, contact her at: candace@candacealawrence.com


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